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  • FCDC Membership Application

    By applying for Membership, I agree to support the Fauquier County Democratic Committee and its efforts to elect Democrats at the local, state, and national levels. These activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. Regular attendance at monthly Fauquier County Democratic Committee meetings
    2. Assisting in fund raising for the Fauquier County Democratic Committee and Democratic candidates.
    3. Participation in grassroots precinct activities, such as telephoning, distributing literature, door-to-door canvasing, working at polls on election days, and volunteering at the local headquarters
    4. Adherence to the By-laws of the Fauquier County Democratic Committee

    The Fauquier County Democratic Committee recognizes that people are competent at and enjoy different types of activities. Members are encouraged to assist with those activities at which they excel and find fulfilling, with the understanding that all members contribute their fair share toward electing Democratic candidates.

    By completing and submitting the following form I declare myself a candidate for Membership in the Fauquier County Democratic Committee. I certify that I am a resident of and registered to vote in the County of Fauquier, Virginia; I am a Democrat; I believe in the principles of the Democratic Party; and I do not intend to support, endorse or assist any candidate who is opposed to the Democratic nominees for elected office.



    We request voluntary annual dues of $25 per year to offset operational costs. Larger donations are of course appreciated. You can send a check to:

    Fauquier County Democratic Committee,

    PO Box 213, Warrenton, VA 20188

    or online at http://www.fauquierdemocrats.org/donate



    Everyone can do something helpful!