Democratic Volunteers Needed

    Get involved in your precinct

    If you are willing to help let us know at:


    If you vote at Grove Baptist Church, Liberty HS: Contact Conway Porter 

    If you vote at Warrenton Presbyterian Church, Bradley Elem. or the Warrenton Community Center: Contact Linda Pranke

    If you vote at Marshall Community Center, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, or Brumfield Elem:

    Contact Irv Woods 

    If you vote at Grace Episcopal Church in the Plains or Grace Episcopal Church:

    Contact David Roos 


    If you vote at C. Hunter Ritchie Elm School or Auburn Middle School: Contact Tom Bruce


    If you vote at Mary Walter Elem., M.M Pierce Elem., or Cedar Lee MS: Contact Donna Rose

  • FCDC Committees & Issue Groups

    Be Engaged Fauquier

    Fostering civic engagement

    Chairwoman, Kim Gibson -



    Communities are stronger and healthier when their members, from diverse backgrounds and from differing points of view, participate in the decision and policy-making that shape their towns, counties, and state. The intent of this work group is to research and establish opportunities and forums to promote civic education, discussions and events to empower community advocacy and accelerate change. In this current atmosphere of extreme polarization, engagement and understanding is more important than ever. We, as Democrats, support creating a non-partisan conduit to serve this purpose.

    Civil and Political Rights

    Chairwomen, Andrea Martens almartens@gmail.com
    and Colleen Taylor colleenandasia@yahoo.com


    Focuses on advocacy and education in all areas of civil and political rights including concern for voter protection and non-partisan redistricting.

    Feminists United

    Chairwoman - Kathy Kadilak -kkadilak@msn.com


    Defining a vision: To safeguard and expand women's rights and liberties. Education and advocacy focused on reproductive autonomy, gender equality, equal pay, family leave, and the election of local, State, and National representatives who are committed to progressive policies in these areas.


    Chairwomen, Andrea Martens almartens@gmail.com

    and Colleen Taylor colleenandasia@yahoo.com


    Focuses on environmental and energy policy. Plans and presents educational and action events supporting science-based policy and good stewardship of our natural environment. Coordinates with other environmentally responsible groups. Advocates sound policy through various media.

    Health Care

    Chairwoman Melissa Wiedenfeld - mwiedenfeld@dwiedenfeld.org


    Education and advocacy for compassionate health care and protection of the gains made possible by the Affordable Care Act. Firearms Policy

    Public Safety

    Chairman, Conway Porter - connie630@fastmail.fm


    Engages in education and advocacy for responsible firearms policy and related public safety issues.

    Legislative Advocacy

    Chairwoman, Barbara Amster - autodidact1000@aol.com


    Focuses on legislative advocacy in all areas of political and human concern at the state and nation levels. Identifies issues and makes use of letter writing, calls, and media to influence legislation.


    Chairwoman, Debbie Koslow - debbie@dkmedical.com


    Through the use of print and electronic media, the Communications Committee disseminates information and the message of the Democratic party. Volunteers with skills and experience in the use of Twitter, Facebook, and other web-based communications are needed.

    Community Events

    Chairwoman, Whitney Petrilli - whittyp@comcast.net


    Organizes participation in community events such as the County Fair, Old Town Warrenton Spring Festival, and other events within Fauquier county.

    Membership and Records

    Secretary and Chairwoman, Nancy Treusch -secretary@fauquierdemocrats.org


    Assists the Secretary in maintaining, verifying and updating committee records. This work is critical to our effective operation and outreach to voters.

    Social Events

    Chairwoman, Whitney Petrilli - whittyp@comcast.net

    Organizes social events for the committee such as our annual holiday party and periodic luncheon, happy hour and dinner gatherings.

    First Friday

    Chairman, David Wiedenfeld - dwiedenfeld@dwiedenfeld.org


    Organizes our participation in Warrenton First Friday events.

    Commonwealth Dinner

    Chairwoman, Debbie Koslow - debbie@dkmedical.com


    The Commonwealth Dinner is the committee's major annual fund raising event.

    It features state leaders and requires many hands over a focused period of time.

    Latino/Hispanic Concerns

    Chairman, David Wiedenfeld - dwiedenfeld@dwiedenfeld.org


    Outreach to and work with the Latino/Hispanic community.