• The FCDC Zoom Meeting7:30 3rd Tuesday


  • SCOTUS has reversed Roe v Wade.

    We will meet tonight at Courthouse Square
    in Warrenton at 7:30 p.m. This will be a SILENT vigil.

    Bring your signs, a candle or flashlight.
    Warrenton Police has been notified and will have a couple of patrol officers there.

    Please stay off the sidewalk.

    Please DO NOT engage in any discussion
    should the opposition show up.

    Statement from the Fauquier County Democratic Committee
    Fauquier County Virginia. June 24th, 2022

    Taking on an unprecedented activist role, the Robert’s Supreme Court has
    released major rulings on Guns, support of private religious schools, and Choice
    this week. They have made the country less safe for all of us with their ruling on
    Guns, and less safe for women in overturning Roe V Wade. They have further
    blurred the line between church and state, and are doing so at our financial
    expense. This is not the America most of us expected to see in this 21st

    This week, there were protests against all of these rulings. Tonight, there will be
    candlelight vigils against the overturning of Roe. These protests and vigils are
    good, but they are not sufficient.

    What we need to do is take back our country and the only way to do that is at the
    ballot box. Re-electing Democratic Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton is even
    more critical than before. Voting is mandatory, but again, is not sufficient. We
    must do everything possible to ensure her re-election - Donate time or dollars, or
    both. Ask yourself WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?

    Sitting at home and watching the January 6th hearings is not sufficient. If you
    are a patriot, if you are an American, if you care about this country at all, you
    must ask yourself what else you can do to support Democratic Candidates in the
    upcoming November elections.

    you will join us, and ensure American democracy continues for all of us, not just
    for a few.

    With 2021 behind us and with a congressional majority to defend, join us in making calls to re-elect Jennifer Wexton!

    We'll be calling supporters and volunteers in the new VA10 to ask if they'll help us send Jennifer back to Congress in 2022.

    Training and a script will be provided beforehand, as will the Zoom link for the event.


    Phone Bank Trainings/Sessions T/Th @6pm

    Volunteer to help us keep the 10th Blue

    and elect Jennifer Wexton

    We are going  to talk to voters about the new 10th Congressional District and Jennifer Wexton this weekend. 

    It's fun, it's easy, and it's IMPORTANT to get out the vote. 

    Our democracy depends on it and 

    your help to reach voters is more important than ever before.

    Never canvassed before but want to learn?

    Shadow an experienced canvasser and learn the ropes.

    Engage with voters where they live.

    Celebrate the 4th with Democratic Friends
    Come to the Zwicknic!
    At Bob Zwick’s Dondoric Farm
    Great Free View of the Fireworks! 

    Gathering begins at 6PM
    Bring your own Food and Drink and a Dessert or Other Dish to share


    Guns are the leading cause of death of Children in the US

    What are you willing to change to save your child?
    As a nation we have to ask when in God's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby"

    President Biden's address to the nation on gun violence



    Here are a few things in the bill that will help working people:

    Creation of hundreds of thousands of good-paying union jobs in the green economy.
    Removal of tax breaks for corporations offshoring jobs.
    A guarantee workers get paid family and medical leave.

    More than Million Americans have died!!

    That's more than the battle deaths in all our wars!
    Don't be one or cause one

    95% were unvaccinated

    While cases are much less severe among the vaccinated
    failure to mask and take precautions 
    has led to many cases among them.

    Get your free at-home test kits

    Now at covidtests.gov 

    Information and resources

    for COVID-19:


    Pulmonary & Critical Care Specialists of Northern Virginia

    Coronavirus Hotline

    Good Q & A Video from the United Methodist Church

    Stay Informed

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  • What Does the FCDC Do?

    Support Committed Candidates

    The FCDC is responsible for recruiting, nominating and assisting in the election of Democrats to the local governing body, to the Virginia General Assembly, the statewide offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, the upper and lower houses of the U.S. Congress, and the offices of U.S. President and Vice President.

    Organize & Engage Citizens

    The FCDC engages Fauquier County communities before and during elections to share democratic policies with our neighbors. We make phone calls, knock doors, and host fundraisers and watch parties to win elections. Click here for Volunteer Opportunity.

    Meeting Location

    We normally meet monthly at 7:30pm on the third Tuesday of the month (with the exception of December and when campaign offices have been established)

    10 Hotel Street

    Warrenton, VA

    All Meetings are currently Virtual

    Note: the location indicated by Google Maps is a previous campaign office that we have been unable to get Google to remove.

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