• Five Ways to Prepare for 2017

    The General Election is November 7th.

    1. Find your Representatives

    Make sure you know who is speaking on your behalf in congress, the State Legislature, and here in the county.

    2. Register to Vote or Update your Address!

    Check your registration to make sure you can vote, or register for the first time! If you are already registered, make sure your address is updated. Turning 18 by Election Day? You can vote too! A government issued ID is required when you head to the polls.

    3. Research the Candidates

    Click each name to reach the candidate's website and research their positions!


    2017 Governor:

    Ralph Northam


    House of Delegates

    18th District- Tristan Shields

    31st District- Elizabeth Guzman

    4. Get Trained

    Sign up for a training to learn how to make quality phone calls, knock on doors, or watch the polls.

    5. Get your Candidate Elected!

    Now comes the hard (but fun!) work. Grab a buddy, come to the office, and get ready to do everything you can to get your chosen candidate across the finish line!

  • Resources for Voters

    Get educated, get engaged!

    Your window into Virginia politics.

    Everything you’d want to know about federal and state elections.

    Your state legislature at work.

    Rural Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia – Virginia is 95 counties, 38 cities, 90% rural.

    Encouraging informed and active participation in government; influencing public policy through education and advocacy.

    Virginians for Fair Redistricting

    Seeking to make democracy fair, functional, and more representative.

    Ending corporate personhood and demanding real democracy.

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